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We would like to recommend to you a complete process of design and implementation of an insurance programme to the extend that it covers frequency losses and at the same time it deploys methods of risk prevention and reduction of negative impact of events and their consequences, should they occur. We shall undertake to find a rational compromise between comprehensive insurance coverages and risks to be retained by your organisation.
As a broker of record letter we perform the following broker activities:

  • an analysis of a risk itself: type, size and frequency - analysis of core business processes and additional activities of an organisation, fields of operation, purchases of raw materials, sales of products, property location and valuation, identification of exposures and assessment of their influence on businesses;
  • advise on selection of insurance companies - taking into account criteria of security (legal and economic guarantees), protection and loss coverage level, premium vs. insurance protection, time necessary for loss adjustment and indemnity payout,
  • negotiations of insurance conditions taking into account individual needs and specific nature of various industries - suggesting on additional clauses, and coverage extensions, systems of discounts, etc.;
  • buying insurances from an insurance company - checking the contents of insurance application forms, policies, appendices, compliance of insurance contracts with offers;
  • supervision of the execution of insurance agreements, including of the process of loss adjustment, preparation of appeals, annexes, settlements, assignments, etc.

Insurance and municipal government - prospects for cooperation

Insurance units of local government require appropriate risk management and thorough description of object of procurement within the framework of Terms of Reference. For many years Nord Partner supported by qualified brokers has been participating in carrying out insurance contracts for cities, townships, municipalities and municipal companies. Application of public procurement law has not only provided for accumulating appropriate savings in our Clients' budgets, but also ensured high level of insurance security with a guarantee of full and adequate insurance protection.

Within the scope of cooperation with our Clients we advice how to secure the interests of local government acting as an investor both through the transfer of risk and its retention. Providing expertise on construction contracts (FIDIC and other performance standards for construction work) and their insurance on both the investor's and the contractor's part is the fundamental objective of our work. Appropriate method of performing insurance contract depends on individual solutions for each local government unit.

In terms of insurance for local government employees (group life insurance, liability insurance of public administration officials), we have drafted clear and transparent rules for conclusion of insurance contracts. We conduct numerous training courses on insurance and legal knowledge aimed to secure the best interests of local government.

As a broker who is deeply involved in the affairs of our clients, we respond on ongoing basis to changes in legislation and new requirements related to the assumption of risk by insurers. Thanks to appropriate knowledge, procedures, and IT system we are prepared to deal with matters related to property damage and liability insurance, especially in roads insurance and municipal property insurance. Brokers operating in 22 of our branches across the country provide quick and seamless cooperation not only at tenders, but also on a daily basis.

We offer comprehensive solutions with regard to group life insurance. For many years we have successfully serviced thousands of Customers and we have had a significant impact on the current shape of the Polish life insurance market, since numerous solutions worked out by us have become a permanent element of the broker's and the insurance market's best practice models.

We were the first ones to work out, for instance:
  • life insurance programme for customers of a broker office,
  • specific agreement determining the terms and conditions to be adjusted in life insurance agreement entered into by customers of a broker office,
  • a draft of the general terms and conditions of insurance and co-insurance agreement for life insurance,
  • analysis of needs of the insured in relation to the scope of social benefits,
  • employee pension programme that cover the risk of permanent work disability, accidents and serious disease.

We have wide experience in conducting different types of programmes based on life insurance and personal accident covers:

  • life insurance for management,
  • accident insurance and medical expenses insurance,
  • life insurance covering all or almost all employees and taking into account a specific nature of employer's business,
  • saving programmes based on the offers of Investment Funds and Insurers,
  • medical insurance.

Our brokers often play a role of consultants in the preparation of new products for the group insurance.


Knowledge of the needs of our Clients based on long-years experience guarantees the quality of our services. We ensure the highest security level and assume the risk related to a design and implementation of an appropriate insurance programme. We have highly skilled and qualified staff, including in particular, front office employees. Workers who look after our Customers are licensed insurance brokers and provide their services with due diligence and reliability. We are able to find the best solutions for our Clients based on personal contacts, our presence in the place of insurance and flexibility in understanding Clients' needs.


Pertaining to the act on insurance activity, broker companies receive commission from insurance companies for accomplishing a conclusion of insurance contracts. Therefore, you may use services of NORD PARTNER Sp. z o.o. free of charge.

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